Rooted Student Ministries


The social life and pressures that teens face today are simply overwhelming. Our youth church services and programs are designed to help youth feel safe and engaged, minus the outside pressure. Here youth get to know God while letting others get to know them.                                                         Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.


Children of the Light




*Safe ministry    (Senior Adults) 

*Life Builders     (Men's Ministry)

*Women of Destiny (Ladies Ministries) 


Adult Ministries

Making disciples of all Generations


Ireland Road


Building strong bonds between neighbors and a solid community foundation takes work. Our church provides opportunities for people to become involved in the greater community and throughout the state. By serving our city and neighbors, we serve God.


Using engaging storytelling, dramatic skits, and games, (and snacks) we engage children and help them build the beginnings of a lasting relationship with God. Children of the Light is held every Wednesday @ 7:00